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RAIN0102 Epiphany Jones vs Princess Nikki Sexfight

Princess Nikki is an experienced wrestler and sexfighter and has been on fire since she joined the Mr Rain roster. Milf Epiphany Jones is coming off a win against Tamsin Riley, but is she ready for the seasoned Hungarian.

Nikki drastically underestimates the other blonde and realises she has a fight on her hands as Epiphany holds her own against Nikki. These two trib, finger, and lick each other trying to drive their opponent into wild ecstasy. The sweat pours from Epiphany as she works hard to try and overcome the challenge before her, but Nikki was heavily the favourite going into this one.

It’s really not looking good for Ms Jones as Nikki traps her in a trib and grinds away on her, but then a miracle happens. Epiphany manages to pin Nikki down using all her weight and seeing how Nikki has responded to her tongue throughout the sexfight, basically doesn’t let Nikki up and licks her to orgasm in the last third of the match.

This is a hugely embarrassing defeat for the experienced Nikki who is humbled by the British girl and unable to escape as she is made to cum by Epiphany’s tongue.

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