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RAIN0104 Roxi Keogh dominates Ivy Rain Custom

Both start in exercise tops and exercise leggings.

Ivy pink lipstick. Roxi No makeup.

Both are very serious throughout.

Roxi has a brief announcement to make.

“Hi my name is Roxi Keogh and I am looking to take Ivy Rain's Title away. I intend to be the undisputed Number One Sex Fighting Champion without any doubt.”

Both shake hands and remove their exercise tops. They grapple and Roxi gets the takedown. Roxi controls with a combination sex fighting of kissing, tribbing, nipple sucking and mauling. After a struggle Ivy concedes the first fall.

Second fall sees them both remove their exercise leggings, as they are both down to their black thongs. More of the same as before. Roxi again in control as she obtains another submission.

At this stage Roxi tells Ivy to remove her thong.

Third fall everything continues to flow as previous. Roxi now gains complete control as she is on top of Ivy and has her crotch in Ivy's face.Roxi has hands on hips as she twists and turns whilst pushing her crotch into Ivy's face. There is a reverse facesit before Ivy taps out to accept defeat.

Roxi then removes her thong as she moves in fully naked. She pushes her crotch again into Ivy' face and obtains a final submission from Ivy.

Exhausted Ivy remains flat out on the mats totally sexually outclassed by Roxi.

Quick interview for the Camera from Roxi as she puts her thong back on.

She has her fist clenched in victory and states, I set out to totally destroy Ivy. I have exceeded all expectations. Power,control, energy, stamina. I am now number one. If anyone wants a lesson in sex fighting, come and challenge Roxi Keogh. I will take to you to your limits.

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