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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0105 Eva Ray vs Gigi Rouge vs Rosie Sexfight

This is the first multi-girl match we ever filmed a Triple Threat elimination sexfight featuring Eva Ray, Gigi Rouge and Rosie.

This was an experiment as we tried to see how multi-girls sexfights would work and without this we never would have got to the eventual and incredibly popular Tag Team Turmoil format.

To begin with Eva Ray and Gigi gang up on Rosie, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. Then Eva and Rosie gang up on Gigi.

Alliances are formed and shattered as the three girls try to make each other cum.

One girl is trapped from behind whilst her pussy is licked and rubbed to orgasm and she is eliminated. The final two battle it out to see who will be the final winner, one girl is obviously stronger and tribs her way to victory. She then poses over the two losers flexing her arms in victory.

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