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RAIN0107 SheelaKiller Dominates Ivy Rain Custom

Ivy starts in Denim Shorts and Black Bra. Hair up No Makeup.

Sheela has on a Black Bra. Pink Lipstick, Black Leggings, Her hair is pleated.

Sheela makes a quick Announcement with her hands on hips.” I am SheelaKiller, and really intend to take this Sex Fight to Ivy Rain and take her apart.”

Both face each other and administer the evil stare.Sheela circles Ivy and then surprisingly removes Ivy's Bra.

Quick follow up, Sheela mauls Ivy's Breasts and sucks her nipples. She then presses her hands on Ivy's shoulders and pushes her slowly to the ground.

On a roll Sheela wraps her legs around Ivy's neck and rocks her back and forth. “Do you want me to squeeze harder,'' Sheela states. Ivy decides no more and taps out.

Both stand again and Sheela removes her black leggings. She is down to a Black Thong.After circling each other again Sheela grapples and wrestles Ivy to the ground. She pounces on Ivy and removes her Denim shorts. There is more passionate kissing and nipple sucking from Sheela before she eventually Pins Ivy with a count of Ten. Before they stand up again Sheela removes her Bra Top.

Once standing again Sheela is quick as she circles Ivy before placing her hands on Ivy's shoulders and pushing her down.Next Sheela whips off Ivy's Black Thong and taunts Ivy with it. She rubs it in Ivy's face and makes her sniff it.

To follow, Sheela is on her feet and holds up the Thong in triumph.”This is what I came for. The prize is mine. Time to finish the Job.”

She pounces back on Ivy and buries her head between Ivy's legs.Lots of Tribbing as she really gets involved. After exhausting Ivy, Sheela is back on her feet. She slowly removes her black thong and stands with both hands on hips.

She orders Ivy to kneel before her.

Pointing to her crotch she states “Worship and Respect me bitch. I am really going to enjoy this.” Ivy is made to bury her head deep in Sheela's crotch.

After a lengthy worship from Ivy, Sheelah pushes Ivy away.

There is a final summing up from Sheela.” Today I have proved myself ads a serious sex fighter. No Arguments, I am here to deliver and dominate”. She picks up Ivy's thong and holds it aloft in triumph with a serious look on her face.

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