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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0112 April Paisley vs Kate Edwin Sexfight

Curvy Kate Edwin stepped in at the last minute to replace the scheduled sexfighter who had come down with Covid. This should be an easy day at the office for April Paisley, she’s got a few sexfights under her belt now, and here she is facing a girl who had never had a sexfight, wrestled or even appeared on camera before?

Kate however had other ideas and wasn’t going to roll over and be dominated by the Lady Boss. April realises she has a fight on her hands, and struggles against the larger Kate. Kate’s inexperience is her weakness as she fails to keep April trapped when she has her in real trouble, her other issue is as soon as April touches her pussy she gets wet.

This one goes right down to the wire with April using all her experience to try and subdue Kate, suffice to say one sexfighter is humbled and pinned down to the mats as the winner claims a hard fought victory.

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