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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0113 Cherri Peaches vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight

Cherri Peaches is the youngest sexfighter on the roster, and approaches every contest with zeal. They have fought and lost to Alice, Eva Ray and Ivy, but that isn’t going to stop Cherri from taking on their biggest challenge in the form of undefeated, Madame Vanquish.

Vanquish likes nothing more than dominating her opponents, and getting her two fingers deep into their pussies and making them cum. However, with Cherri, Vanquish could be in trouble. Not only did Vanquish train Cherri in preparation for the shoot, but they are no strangers to each other’s bodies.

Early on Cherri gets on top and starts eating Vanquish’s pussy getting her close to cumming. Vanquish realises that she needs to try and tame this young sexfighter and quickly, but Cherri isn’t going down without a fight.

They go at each other fingering, licking and tribbing each other’s pussy. The mats are wet, a mixture of sweat and pussy juices. Eventually one sexfighter orgasms, and licks their own juices from the winner’s fingers as they are facesat in defeat.

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