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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0115 Melody Pleasure vs Tamsin Riley Sexfight

Tall Melody has won her first two sexfights with a simple strategy of using her height and MMA experience to prevent her opponents even touching her pussy. Poor Tamsin still hasn’t picked up a victory and has the honor of being the only sexfighter to squirt on the mats during a sexfight (see RAIN0096).

Poor Tamsin doesn’t have a chance against the majestic Melody who easily controls her and rubs and licks her pussy. All Tamsin can do is elicit squeaks and moans of pleasure and embarrassment as she quickly realises that she is going to lose again and give up her orgasm to the better woman.

Melody is clearly unimpressed with Tamsin and toys with her, confident that Tamsin offers no threat to her superiority, she doesn’t even dignify Tamsin with a facesit at the end and just walks off.

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