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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0117 Eva Ray vs Madame Vanquish Sexfight Rematch

Madame Vanquish was the first sexfighter to beat Eva Ray, it started a string of losses and showed dents in the Latvian’s armour.

Today Eva Ray is out for revenge and is determined to return the favour to undefeated Vanquish. The redhead knows she can’t overpower the domme, so instead she tries to out sex her, turning Vanquish on so much that she cums hard allowing Eva Ray to pick up the win.

When Vanquish gets Eva Ray in her dreaded two finger fuck position, Eva Ray grinds back on it taking Vanquish by surprise, and throwing her game off balance. Eva Ray is trying to ride the wave and meets Vanquish’s pussy licking and tribbing with her own.

There is no doubt that Vanquish is in trouble multiple times in this match, but Eva Ray do enough to spoil Vanquish’s undefeated record?

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