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RAIN0121 Tag Team Turmoil 3 Amirah Adara & Minnie Manga vs Ivy Rain & Princess Nikki

In this chaotic Tag Team match Princess Nikki and Ivy Rain takes on the team of Amirah Adara and Minnie Manga, with Tamsin Riley as referee.

This is pure chaos, the ladies ignore the rules from the off, and Tamsin isn’t a very good referee. The two teams are introduced and flex for the camera. Nikki and Amirah start off, but it isn’t long before Nikki tags Ivy and the two gang up on Amirah. Minnie isn’t having any of it and jumps in even though she has not been tagged and starts licking Nikki’s pussy.

It’s a complete tangle of bodies as all four girls lick, finger and trib the other team.

There are orgasms, and the ladies are drenched in sweat, the winning team is very happy, the losing team very unhappy.

One thing they all agree on is that Tamsin was a rubbish referee so all four jump her at the end of the match and extract an orgasm from her.

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