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RAIN0123 Amirah Adara destroys Ivy Rain Custom

This custom match starts with Ivy confident that she will easily win. For the first few minutes Ivy tries to trap Amirah and apply sexual moves on her, but Amirah easily slips out of every move frustrating and tiring Ivy. Amirah does not attack on this stage, only escapes masterfully. Ivy is panting and frustrated, whilst Amirah hasn’t even broken a sweat. Ivy decides to go on full attacking mode and manages to trap Amirah by sitting on her stomach.

She stays there for a few seconds enjoying the success and licks two fingers preparing to finger her smaller opponent. Amirah remains completely calm and waits until Ivy leans backwards to finger her and then starts immediately rubbing Ivy, taking her by surprise. Ivy tries to move away from Amirah’s rubbing, freeing her opponent. Amirah lets not even a second go to waste and chases up Ivy, trapping her and starting her offensive.

From that moment on the match becomes a total domination. Ivy finds herself constantly being attacked and rubbed, fingered, teased, pinched in every possible angle. Amirah offers her no moment of peace, exhausting her mentally and physically while methodically working her over. Ivy is unable to escape and the only thing she can do is squirm, moan, tremble, pant and curse. All Ivy’s attacks (when Amirah releases her just to trap her again a bit later) are met by instant sexual attacks that immediately succumb Ivy.

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