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RAIN0125 Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain Sexfight 4

Eva Ray and Ivy are no strangers to each other, this is their fourth sexfight. Ivy beat Eva Ray for the first time in their last encounter, and she is looking to tie the score in this sexfight. As Princess Nikki and Nomi Melone watch these two attack each other.

They wrestle, rub and lick pussy and trib. They get really sweaty in the Spanish heat as they go at it. Eva Ray is not the unstoppable power she used to be and Ivy has gained lots more experience, but these two know each other’s bodies so well, and focus on trying to make their opponent orgasm.

Eventually one girl is trapped in a grapevine, and is stimulated to orgasm and the winner sits on her face and serviced by the loser’s tongue.

Does Ivy manage to tie the series or does Eva Ray extend her lead?

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