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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0129 Rosie doms Ivy Rain Custom

We start with Rosie wearing Black Exercise Leggings and Hair up. Pink Lipstick and Topless.

Ivy wearing Denim shorts hopefully.

Hair up, no makeup and Topless.

The Action is very fast paced throughout.Very hot and sweaty.

Action starts with both girls embracing with a long kiss. Rosie then grabs Ivy and wrestles her to the ground. She then mauls Ivy's breasts, sucks her nipples and kisses her.She pins a very surprised Ivy with a count of Ten to obtain a Pin/Submission.

Next fall both embrace and kiss again.

Rosie then removes Ivy's shorts after a tussle and wrestles her down. Whilst Ivy is on the ground Rosie then removes her leggings and both are down to a black thong. Back to the mats and Rosie starts to run riot as she dominates the tribbing and has her hand inside Ivy's thong. Eventually she removes Ivy's thong and then stands up holding the thong aloft as a sign of Victory.

Rosie now well in control returns to the mats to dominate Ivy again. Ivy is struggling to move as she is exhausted on the mats. Rosie now sits on Ivy and with hands on hips pushes her crotch into Ivy's face as she also mauls Ivy's body.Then she removes her Thong and makes a very brief announcement by stating I am going to mark Ivy with my scent. She returns to the mats and sits on Ivy again. More crotch grinding into Ivy's face. Ivy then accepts defeat.

As a post match penalty we have both girls standing.They kiss again and then Rosie makes Ivy suck her nipples and then lick her crotch. Rosie points to the mats and Ivy has to lie down.Rosie puts her thong back on and then puts on Ivy's Shorts as she claims her prize. The action ends with Rosie hands on hips rubbing her feet over Ivy's face.

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