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RAIN0130 Chloe Davis vs Ivy Rain Sexfight Rematch

In their first match 6ft 3 Chloe Davis absolutely destroyed my wife, Ivy Rain and punished her afterwards extracting orgasm out of orgasm from her.

Due to a massive number of sponsors, Ivy was persuaded to challenge Chloe for a rematch with a loser gets fucked stipulation. Ivy has never taken a strap on before so the stakes were high.

Chloe decimates Ivy from the start roughly dissecting her and dominates her completely with one thought on her mind to claim Ivy’s strap on virginity.

Ivy is outwrestled, pushed to her limits in wrestling submissions and fingered relentlessly. Once she can take no more Chloe brings out a wand and Ivy has to endure the indignity of squirting over the mats twice.

Chloe gets her to service her strap on before claiming Ivy’s strap on virginity fucking her in many different positions and extracting even more orgasms from her.

This is an intense sexfight and very one sided, and the after match punishment is intense.

If you ever wanted to see Ivy truly dominated, humbled and fucked then this is the match you have been waiting for.

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