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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0136 Ivy Rain vs Miss Estigia Sexfight

This marks the sexfighting debut of 200lb Miss Estigia as she takes on Ivy Rain. Ivy has far more sexfighting and wrestling experience but how will she cope against the size and strength of the newcomer?

Estigia takes Ivy down to the mats, her mammoth breasts dwarfing busty Ivy, but Ivy uses her experience to reverse it and goes to work on Estigia’s already wet pussy. The act of sexfighting really turns on Estigia, Ivy uses all her might to keep the new girl down.

Estigia uses her size to good effect sitting on Ivy and wearing her down and going to work on her pussy. Things get even worse for Ivy when our Spanish host begins to coach the new girl from the sidelines. This proves to be decisive as Estigia now is able to repeatedly trap Ivy and attack her pussy.

Miss Estigia is going to be one to watch and once the nervous giggling is nipped in the bud, as she becomes more comfortable she will be a power to be reckoned with on the mats.

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