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RAIN0138 Ivy Rain vs Miss Nairobi Sexfight

Miss Nairobi made an impressive debut defeating Beth Bennett, she now faces even more experienced Ivy on the mats.

What Nairobi lacks in experience she more than makes up for in strength and sheer grit, Ivy uses her wrestling experience to grapevine and scissor Nairobi, but the newcomer powers out.

They attack each other’s pussies, rubbing and licking, as Ivy struggles to control the strong Nairobi. They trib as they continue to battle neither wanting to lose.

It looks like it's all over for Nairobi as Ivy traps her in a headscissors and goes to work on her pussy. Nairobi’s breathing changes as comes close to a massive orgasm, but manages to escape just before.

Does Ivy manage to trap her again or does Nairobi pick up her second win against experienced competition?

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