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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0140 2023 Tournament Match 1 Ivy Rain vs Rapunzel

This is the opening match of our inaugural 8-girl sexfighting tournament, as undefeated Rapunzel takes on my wife Ivy Rain. Rapunzel has an amazing physique and is a more experienced wrestler, but Ivy has had a much larger number of sexfights under her belt. They both trap each other in wrestling holds and then go to work on each other’s pussy. Rapunzel using her strength and muscles and Ivy uses her large natural tits and size. They rub pussies, lick pussies, trib and Ivy gets her fingers inside Rapunzel, the sweat pours off them from this competitive sexfighting. One girl cums hard, and struggles to bounce back as the smiling winner, sits on her face and flexes, advancing to the first semi-final, but will it be hard bodied Rapunzel or buxom Ivy Rain?

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