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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0141 2023 Tournament Match 2 Miss Estigia vs Princess Nikki

The second match of the first round of the tournament sees Princess Nikki take on new girl, 200lb Miss Estigia. With coaching Estigia overpowered Ivy in her debut sexfight. In the interest of fairness no coaching was allowed in this tournament match.

Nikki struggles to control Estigia and they battle all over the mats in a sexfighting war, both women struggle to control their lust for each other as their pussies get wet from tribbing, pussy licking and pussy rubbing.

Estigia is so strong, and Nikki has to use her speed and experience to stop getting completely dominated by the new girl. Both girls inflict multiple orgasms on their opponent and it becomes a battle of sexual stamina until one girl is able to claim victory and sit on the loser’s face.

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