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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0145 2023 Tournament Semi- Final April Paisley vs Princess Nikki Sexfight

This is the first semi-final of the inaugural Spanish Tournament as April Paisley squares off against Princess Nikki to see who will be in the final.

Before the match both of these ladies were supremely confident that they were going to win it all. Both are very experienced with more wins than losses, so we were expecting an even contest.

This was anything but, one woman gains complete control early on and completely dominates, humiliates and extracts orgasm after orgasm from a swarmed and overwhelmed loser.

The loser is completely helpless as her pussy is licked, rubbed, fingered and tribbed. The loser tries to fight back but is so weakened by the constant sexual moves and orgasms.

One woman is truly humbled and humiliated and her tournament dreams are over by the end of this one.

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