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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0147 Gina Varney vs Lacey Starr Sexfight

The Lioness, Gina Varney makes a welcome return to sexfighting as she squares off against the iconic GILF, Lacey Starr who is making her debut.

It’s one of our youngest sexfighters against our oldest as Lacey wastes little time mounting Gina and tribbing her using her size and strength to try and overwhelm Gina early on.

But Gina doesn’t have the moniker of the Lioness for nothing and roars back not letting Lacey dominates.

The pair of them trib, lick and rub each other’s pussies and maul each other’s large breasts, Lacey smothers Gina with her giant tits trying to wear out the young women.

Eventually one woman mounts the loser’s face and sits on her face whilst flexing in victory.

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