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RAIN0154 Tag Team Turmoil 5 April Paisley & Nesty vs Ivy and Nikki

In this special post tournament Tag Team Turmoil match we pitted #1 Ivy Rain and #2 Princess Nikki against the defeated semi-finalists #3 April Paisley and #4 Nesty. The two little blondes with their pig tails are all smiles at the start but rather than discuss who is going in first April pushes Nesty onto the mats.

Nikki wastes little time getting on top of Nesty and tribbing her closer to her corner, where Ivy jumps in and as Nikki licks Nesty’s pussy, Ivy pins her arms and plays with her breasts.

April jumps onto the mats but is unable to make an impact as Ivy grabs her. It is now absolute mayhem as April and Nesty find themselves being dominated by the Dream Team of Nikki and Ivy.

The undefeated Dream Team thoroughly enjoy themselves at the blondes expense as they arrange them to trib their own partner and use their own hands to rub their own pussies.

The stand out moment is when Nikki inserts Nesty’s big toe inside April’s pussy and fucking her.

There is little doubt as to who the winner’s are as the Dream Team of Ivy and Nikki are once again triumphant in Tag Team competition

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