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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0155 Amirah Adara vs Eva Ray vs Ivy Rain Custom

In this super length custom produced video three of our top sexfighters, Amirah Adara, Eva Ray and Ivy Rain feature in a threeway sexfighting and domination encounter.

At the beginning Amirah and Eva Ray gang up on Ivy, completely dominating her. They lick, rub and finger her pussy, make her worship their feet and use a vibrating wand on her before placing a collar around her neck.

As Ivy and Eva Ray are licking each other’s pussies, Ivy then sides with Amirah and now it is Eva Ray’s turn to be dominated by the other two. This time Eva Ray sucks a dildo whilst Amirah is eating her pussy and is fucked with the dildo by Ivy whilst Amirah kisses her.

But now Eva Ray and Ivy gang up on Amirah, fed up with her manipulations. Ivy removes her collar and places it around Amirah’s neck and her hands are cuffed as Eva Ray and Ivy take revenge. Ivy shoves a dildo into Amirah’s mouth whilst Eva Ray fucks her with another dildo.

It is now Ivy who is the dominant one as she sits wearing a strap on as collared and cuffed Amirah worships her feet whilst having her feet worshiped by a similarly collared and cuffed Eva Ray. Ivy then guides Eva Ray to fuck Amirah with a strap on whilst Amirah worships Ivy’s cock, gagging on it.

Finally Ivy authority is overturned as Amirah restrains her as she worships Eva Ray’s cock still fresh with Amirah’s pussy juices as the camera fades.

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