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RAIN0158 Alice Mayflower vs Ivy Rain Sexfight Rematch

In her very first sexfight Alice Mayflower was humbled and defeated by Ivy Rain. Her partner watched the match and ridiculed her for losing to Ivy. Now Alice has returned seeking revenge and to show her partner that the first defeat was a fluke.

Alice has a lot more experience now and immediately uses her size and weight to get a top of Ivy and gets her fingers inside Ivy’s pussy early, overwhelming my wife with the onslaught.

Ivy tries to fight back but Alice is single minded in her determination to get revenge on Ivy. The fingering is relentless and turn your speakers up because Alice has Ivy queefing early. Ivy is very wet and turned on as Alice basically has her way with her throughout this entire match.

Alice extracts multiple orgasms from Ivy and humbles my wife,

We have scheduled a deciding match with strap on stakes to see whether it was Alice’s or Ivy’s win which was a fluke.

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