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RAIN0166 Amirah Adara vs Ivy Rain The Best Sexfighter Custom

Amirah Adara dominates Ivy Rain in this custom sexfight, domination and worship scene.

Both are serious and focused throughout.No smiling.

Amirah enters wearing Black Leggings and is topless. Pink lipgloss. Barefoot.

Hair up.

She is super confident and is exercising with some running on the spot and star jumps.

Ivy enters slowly. She is topless, wearing denim shorts, pink lipgloss, hair up, barefoot.

She undertakes some stretching exercises and is also confident.

Amirah faces the Camera and with hands on hips announces ;

Hi Amirah Adara here.

Today is another chance for me to advance and stake my claim for being the best Sexfighter in the Business.

I am hungry, keen, fit and desperately want to put Ivy to the sword.

They both face each other and administer a stare.

Each fall starts as they place their hands on each other's shoulders.

Amirah has Ivy in a headlock, and then wrestles her to the ground. They roll around aggressively as they both strive to gain control.

Eventually it is Amirah who takes charge. She sits behind Ivy and mauls her breasts.She then locks her legs and thighs around Ivy's neck.After really working her Ivy submits. Amirah then takes the opportunity to wrestle Ivy's Denim shorts from her.

They stand up again, Amirah removes her leggings. Amirah is now down to a Red Thong and Ivy is down to a black thong.

They regroup for the second time.

There is an intense amount of kissing at the start of the second fall, before Amirah pushes Ivy away from her and grapples and wrestles her to the ground.

Amirah attacks Ivy's crotch and sucks her nipples.She is in the zone and gaining control. They both wrestle intensely as they work up a real sweat.

Amirah finally gains control again, and mounts Ivy by sitting on her.Hands on hips Amirah grinds her crotch into Ivy's face as she gyrates on Ivy's face.

Amirah is enjoying the domination and states suffer beneath me bitch.

Eventually Ivy taps out.This is quite a lengthy scene and is intense.

Once again they regroup.

Amirah orders Ivy to remove her thong.

She hands it to Amirah who states this is my prize. Ivy is then ordered to her knees. Amirah circles Ivy with hands on hips as she plans her next move.

Amirah pulls Ivy's hair and it shakes loose. I need a massage, states Amirah.

With some oil or body lotion Ivy sits behind Amirah and massages the oil/lotion into her breasts. Next Amirah lies face down as Ivy massages the oil/lotion into her neck, shoulders and back.

Next as they stand, Ivy has to lick Amirah's armpits. Next Ivy is sucking on Amirah's nipples as Amirah has hands on hips.

Amirah removes her thong, and then it is time for Ivy to fully appreciate Amirah as she places her tongue deeply into Amirah's crotch and gives her the pleasuring that she requires. Once fully content, Amirah orders Ivy to leave the scene.

Amirah then claims her real prize as she slowly puts on Ivy's thong and shows it off.

She then slowly lets her hair down and lets it shake loose.

Hands on hips, she announces I have conquered the number one sexfighter.

Job done. I am what sexfighting is all about.

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