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RAIN0171 Bambi vs Nairobi Sexfight

We’ve found some amazing new sexfighters recently, but none have impressed more than Bambi and Nairobi so of course it made sense to pair these two off to fight against each other.

They’ve already established themselves as accomplished competitors with both picking up wins against experienced veterans, but how will they cope when facing each other?

One thing is for sure the winner of this one can easily claim the title of Newcomer Sexfighter of the Year 2023, and they go all out to claim the title.

They use their wrestling skills to control, such as scissorholds, facesits and breast smothers before going to work with pussy rubbing, pussy eating and tribbing.

It is a very even contest but one picks up the win sitting on her opponent and cheering in victory, neither lady likes losing so who is the winner of Mr Rain’s Newcomer Sexfighter of the Year 2023, Nairobi or Bambi?

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