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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0174 Ivy Rain vs Louise Lee vs Tamsin Riley Sexfight

This is a  triple threat elimination match which sees Ivy Rain, Louise Lee and Tamsin Riley square off.  It’s quickly apparent that Louise and Tamsin have decided to gang up and eliminate Ivy first as they overwhelm her with fingering, tribbing, facesitting and pussy licking.  

To her credit Ivy resists for a long time before she can take no more and is eliminated.  This leaves the conspirators to square off, but Tamsin made a miscalculation.  Louise is a powerhouse and now it is Tamsin’s turn to be overwhelmed as Louise fingers, tribs and licks her pussy making Tamsin orgasm often and Miss RIley struggles to bounce back from the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Louise isn’t finished with her though and after her victory brings a vibrator onto the mats, determined to make Tamsin’s experience more orgasms and sealing her victory.

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