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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0181 Bambi vs Rapunzel Sexfight

Bambi and Rapunzel had both entered our 2023 Tournament with high hopes, but neither made it out of the first round losing to Nesty and Ivy respectively in what were considered upsets.  Neither woman was happy to lose these sexfights so it made sense to match them against each other to see who was the ultimate loser.

Both women are accomplished wrestlers and have taken to sexfighting well.  They trap each other in bodyscissors and grapevines and go to work on their rival’s pussy with pussy rubbing, pussy eating and trib.  Bambi gets her fingers deep inside Rapunzel making her moan with pleasure and the long haired girl has to use all her wrestling experience to power out to escape.

Both are proud but one woman ends up embarrassed again with her facesat on and her pussy wet and swollen while the victor smiles.

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