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RAIN0182 Ivy Rain dominates Princess Nikki Custom Sexfight

This is a custom sexfight to a script with Ivy Rain dominating Princess Nikki

Throughout, both are Focused and very serious.

Nikki is warming up.

Ivy whips off her Jacket and is also now Topless.

Serious announcement from Ivy.

You are about to witness a true performance of both Wrestling and Sexfighting. Ivy Rain will simply run riot.

They face each other with a stare. There is a Martial Arts stance from Ivy as she squares up to Nikki.

Ivy grabs Nikki from behind and has her hands around Nikki's neck.

She pulls Nikki to the ground and is soon mauling Nikki's breasts and rubbing her crotch. There is a suck on Nikki's nipples before Ivy moves in closer by pulling off Nikki's leather trousers.

More tribbing from Ivy as she has real control now. Eventually they break and regroup standing up. Ivy simply grabs Nikki by the throat and also smothers her mouth with her hands.

She pulls Nikki to the ground and moves in again by removing Nikki's white Thong to leave Nikki fully naked.

Ivy moves behind Nikki and wraps her legs around Nikki's neck.

She really works Nikki before releasing.

Ivy stands up and removes her Black Leggings and is down to a Black Thong.

She stands behind Nikki and rubs Nikki's crotch very slowly. Eventually she orders Nikki to lick the juice from Ivy's fingers.

Ivy announces I have taken you both physically and sexually. You are mine.

I have total control here.

Ivy then orders Nikki to kiss her.

As they both caress, the kissing is long and intense.

Next Ivy orders Nikki to suck her nipples. Again a good lengthy session which Ivy really enjoys.

Nikki is then made to kneel before Ivy.

Then Ivy slowly removes her Black Thong and rubs it in Nikki's face making her enjoy the Scent which really turns Nikki on.

Hands on hips Ivy orders Nikki to respect her crotch and really pay tribute to it. Nikki fully obliges with a very long licking and sucking session of Ivy's crotch. Ivy lets down her hair as the Oral stimulation unwinds.

Ivy is fully satisfied as she is crying out with enjoyment as Nikki completes the Oral stimulation.

Once it is all over, Nikki has to watch as Ivy now slowly pulls on Nikki's Leather Trousers as she claims her prize.

She then oils and massages her Breasts nice and slowly as Nikki can only watch defenseless.

We finish as Ivy clenches her fist in triumph and flexes her muscles.

She concludes by picking up Nikki's white thong and sniffing it approvingly.

Final comment from Ivy. I am the Sex Goddess and I can defeat anyone in a Sexfight who dares to challenge me.

I have totally broken Nikki.

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