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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0186 Alora Lux vs Ivy Rain Sexfight 4

My beautiful wife, Ivy Rain has a number of rivalries within our roster of sexfighters, but none is as old as that as the gorgeous Alora Lux.

Their first match launched our company and set the standard going forward, Alora was also the first girl to insert their fingers into Ivy on film.  Alora won their first encounter, but in their two other matches Ivy came out on top.  Now they meet again and once again go to war with each other whilst April Paisley and Louise Lee watch on.

They are intimately familiar with each other’s bodies and they are both determined to win.  They trap each other in chokeholds, scissorholds, and camel clutches.  They rub, finger, lick and trib their pussies.

One sexy warrior is made to orgasm multiple times, but keeps coming back for more, but as her face flushes red it is obvious that this sexual duel is taking its toll.

Does Alora equal their rivalry or does Ivy go on to extend her lead?  One thing is for sure it’s not over and these two will meet again.

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