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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0188 Jasmine Brooks Dominates Ivy Rain & Princess Nikki Custom

This is a feature length custom video featuring Ivy Rain, Jasmine Brooks and Princess Nikki featuring sexfighting, dildos and vibrators.

Nikki is in the room or ring wherever you guys are, angry that she just got dommed by Jasmine. 

Then Ivy comes in wearing a pair of yoga pants and a shirt and asks what's wrong with her, Nikki tells her and Ivy laughs and mocks her and Nikki gets mad and starts attacking Ivy and yells " how dare you mock me!! Don't forget who owns this pussy" And starts stripping ivy and sexually dominating her. 

Ivy tries to fight back but Nikki is able to keep her at bay. Nikki fingers her and sits on her face and asks, " who do you belong to?" And ivy says " You. I belong to you!!" 

Then Jasmine comes in naked and says " I was curious what the fuss is about but now I see it." Then Nikki gets up and gets in Jasmine's face and says " you got a lot of nerve coming back in here!!" And Jasmine turns Nikki around and pins her against the wall or matt corner and says " Who just beat you? You really want a round 2?" And Ivy says " leave her alone. You've done enough" And Jasmine goes to Ivy and says " you want some too? Fine" 

From there she takes turns domming them both and they try to fight her but they can't seem to do it. Finally they both give up. Jasmine makes them both kiss her feet, kiss her boobs, and kiss her ass. And then bends them over and gives them both a good spanking.

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