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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0192 Ivy Rain vs Madam Vanquish 4 Sexfight to Submission

On three previous occasions, Madame Vanquish has got her split tongue and her two fingers deep into my hot wife, Ivy Rain and destroyed her.

Ivy is convinced that each time she is getting closer to defeating Vanquish and so challenges Vanquish to a sexual submission match.  The match only ends when one woman can take no more.

Ivy knows that at all costs she needs to avoid Vanquish’s split tongue going to work on her pussy and not to be trapped so that Vanquish can slide two fingers deep into her and fuck her to defeat.

Early on its a strategy that is certainly working for Ivy as she manages to avoid Vanquish’s trademark moves and go to work on her tits and pussy.

But as the battle draws on and Vanquish realises that she is in trouble, and Ivy is getting sweaty and tired she increases her efforts and manages to go to work on Ivy’s pussy.

Both women are tired and both of their pussies are sore from the prolonged sexfighting battle.  Eventually one woman can take no more punishment and throws in the towel.

Does Ivy manage to defeat her rival finally or does Vanquish destroy Ivy once more?

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