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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0195 Alice Mayflower vs Shannon Moore Sexfight

Alice Mayflower is a dominant sexfighter, but feisty newcomer Shannon Moore is always improving and relished the opportunity to challenge the Scottish BBW even though she is the smallest sexfighter on the roster.

Neither Shannon nor we could imagine the outcome as the match becomes the first in history to be stopped due to TKO as Shannon couldn’t continue sexfighting due to the number of orgasms inflicted by Alice which turns her legs to jelly.  In fact Shannon had to be carried off the mats as she couldn’t walk.

It starts off with Shannon throwing herself at Alice in an attempt to swarm Alice and does end up on top, but once Alice pins her down and goes to work on her pussy completely trapping Shannon, the orgasms start to mount up and there is nothing that Shannon can do.  Shannon is made to cum multiple times until her pussy is so sensitive and her legs begin to shake and it is obvious that she cannot continue.

An emphatic win for the dominant Scottish Queen Alice, and yet another reason to love brave Shannon Moore.

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