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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0200 Revenge featuring Bambi, Domi, Ivy Rain & Princess Nikki

For our 200th release we present this feature length commissioned custom featuring nude wrestling, sexfighting and lesbian domination.

The first 20 minutes see Domi, Ivy Rain and Princess Nikki nude wrestling, with the last 40 minutes featuring sexfighting and lesbian domination with Bambi, Ivy Rain and Princess Nikki.

Ivy is stretching in a thong bikini, with an angry face when Nikki comes in also in a thong bikini and asks her what she's doing?

Ivy says, "waiting for bambi. She embarrassed me last time she was here and I'm getting her back!!"

Nikki laughs and says "bambi beat you? Really?" 

Ivy says "Jasmine beat you!!" 

And Nikki grabs her face angrily and says "Jasmine beat us both, do not rub that in my face again" 

And Domi comes in naked and says" What are you two doing in here? I've got this area booked for training." 

Ivy moves Nikki aside and says " Not anymore, I'm waiting for Bambi. Beat it!!" 

Domi shoves Ivy into Nikki knocking them both over and from there the fight is on. Starts off kinda back and forth but quickly Domi takes the lead. 

Giving both of them wedgies and Domi says, " Why are these on anyways? If your gonna fight me, your gonna fight me naked" 

Domi then strips them both and puts them through holds until finally they both beg her to make it stop. She says to make it end they have to kiss her ass. They look at each other in disgust but do it. 

She then stands them up and spanks their ass as she walks out saying " Thanks for the workout losers". 

Then Bambi comes in right after in a thong bikini and asks what happened here? 

They explain what happened and Ivy says she was waiting for her to get payback for being beaten by Bambi. And Bambi laughs at them. 

Nikki grabs Bambi, throws her down and says angrily, " I am tired of being laughed at!!" Then Ivy and Bambi attack Bambi stripping her and fingering her. Their dominance is short lived as Bambi starts doming them. Fingering them, sitting on their face and what have you. After a while, Nikki and Ivy are fairly exhausted and can barely block attacks. Bambi then makes them kiss her feet. They argue at first but submit to her. She demands Nikki to crawl and get a strap on. 

Ivy says " What?? No. You can't!" 

Bambi says " I didn't tell you to stop kissing my feet." 

Ivy gives an angry snarl and starts kissing again. NIkki comes back with the strap on and Bambi demands they kiss her ass while she puts the strap on. They do and Bambi shakes her ass a little bit. 

Then she says, "You two are going to arm wrestle. Loser gets fucked." 

Nikki and ivy arm wrestle 2 out of 3. Ivy loses. Nikki is made to suck the strap on and then Ivy gets fucked while eating out Nikki. Bambi stands them up and spanks their asses and makes them worship her breasts as one final hurrah.

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