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RAIN0201 Ivy Rain vs Princess Nikki The Live Sexfight to Fuck Shannon Moore

I can’t always take the credit for the match-ups, sometimes a match comes about due to ideas or requests from the sexfighters themselves.

So it was in Spain this April when a disagreement came about over dinner as to who could fuck Shannon Moore the best with a Strap on between my wife, Ivy Rain and Princess Nikki.  They pitched me the idea of them having a sexfight live in front of our Spanish friends and the other girls taking part in our tournament and that the winner would fuck Shannon Moore in front of my Spanish friends.

I was only too happy to oblige, what transpired was a raw and highly competitive sexfight between two rivals in front of a very loud and vocal crowd.  Ivy and Nikki never disappoint and this was no exception and they are both sweaty and exhausted.

The winner then claimed her prize and fucked Shannon to a squirting orgasm in front of the audience.

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