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RAIN0203 Nomi Melone vs Princess Nikki Sexfight

Exotic and petite Nomi Melone has not had a good run in her previous matches and is currently without a win, and things don’t look good for her today as she is up against top ranked fellow Hungarian Princess Nikki.

As they begin it looks like it's going to be another loss for Nomi and an easy win for Princess Nikki, but Nomi rebounds back and attacks Nikki with vigor getting the blonde in real trouble,

They really go to work on each other using trib, oral and pussy rubbing and there are orgasms.  It looks like one sexfighter has it in the bag but she gets over confident and caught off guard by an expert trib technique and in the very last moments of the match loses.

Does Nomi pick up her first win or does Nikki add another victory to her already long and impressive list?

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