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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0207 Princess Nikki vs Sinthia Bee Custom Sexfight

This a custom scripted wrestling and sexfight match between Hungarian Princess Nikki and American Sinthia Bee.

Both dressed in bikinis. Nikki starts by trash talking. She says that she has defeated everyone in the UK and Europe and will now destroy this American weakling.

Sinthia says she won't be able to talk like that when she's facesitting her. The match itself is a back and forth including Headscissors, Camel clutch, Boston crab, Choking, Hand smothers and Face sits / schoolgirl pins

The bikinis come off midway through the match and Nikki uses it as a weapon showing off that she can play dirty

At the 10 or 12 min mark, Sinthia appears to be in control. After an aggressive face sit and with Nikki flat on her back, she whimpers "please no more"

Sinthia says something like, "Miss Big Mouth looking pretty small. Is that you submitting?" and then leans down and says "what's that?"

Just then Nikki applies a mandible claw (she can use a bikini top or bottom if too yucky to do bare handed)

Nikki regains control as Sinthia is almost out

From there sexual domination including Deep kissing, Tongue sucking, foot worship, Cunnilingus on Sinthia, Facesitting on Sinthia, Tribbing/Fingering, Sinthia orgasming, Sinthis conceding

At the end, Nikki takes the face of a beaten Sinthia in her hands and makes her to say "I'm a loser" to the camera

Nikki kisses her cheek and then leaves, Camera pans to Sinthia on the floor face down

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