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RAIN0208 Ivy Rain Dominates & Fucks Shannon Moore Custom

This is a custom scripted sexfight and domination match ending with Ivy Rain strap on fucking Shannon Moore.

Both are very Serious and Focused Throughout.

It is agreed that there will be a Maximum of 10 Minutes Sexfighting.

Both face each other, and it starts with a lengthy kiss. 

Ivy then wrestles Shannon to the Ground.

She is soon in the Zone as she rips Shannon's Thong off. She wraps the Thong around her wrist.

Ivy soon indulges in Breast Mauling and Nipple Sucking of Shannon. She then eats Shannon out, before sitting ontop of Shannon, and rubbing her crotch into Shannon's face.

Next Ivy stands and removes her leggings.No Thong worn.

Then to finish she sits on Shannon's face making Shannon Tap and concede the Match.

Post Match

Ivy is the Winner, and dictates matters accordingly.She is very sweaty afer all of the action.

Shannon has to oil up Ivy's entire Body.

Next full Body Worship.

A long kiss.

Shannon sucks Ivy's Nipples, then she eats Ivy out as she kneels in front of her.

Lastly she strokes and kisses Ivy's Bottom.

Then it is time for Ivy to really assert her Authority.

Firstly she puts on Shannon's Thong to signal Victory.

Then Ivy puts on the Strap On, and then the Action begins.

Ivy really uses the Strap On to great effect, and at one point she shouts out, this is why I am number one. Eventually Shannon states that she is exhausted and can take no more.

The Victory Celebrations begin for Ivy.

She lets down her hair.

She takes off the Strap On ,puts her leggings back on, and holds up the Strap On above her head.

She states, as you can see I am both Ruthless and Brutal. No one can withstand the might of my Amazing Strap On.

Ivy throws down the Strap On, and defiantly walks slowly away off Camera.

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