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  • Paul Rain

RAINT0001 - Cece Monroe vs Jenny Darling Trans Women Sexfight

This is our test match in a potential series of Trans Women Sexfights featuring Cece Monroe taking on 6ft 1 inch Finnish model, Jenny Darling.

In the short pre match interview the ladies introduce themselves and both admit that neither of them have done any wrestling or sexfights before, but you wouldn’t think it once they get to grips with each other on the mat.

After a tentative start both really get into the swing of things, trapping each other and going to work on each other’s bodies.

They jerk each other’s dicks, rim each other’s ass and stick fingers into each other’s asses drawing moans of pleasure from their opponent.

This one is very even and could have gone either way but one woman finds herself pinned and trapped by her opponent unable to escape as her opponent sucks her cock and fingers her ass before flexing in victory and claiming the losing dick as her own.

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