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  • Paul Rain

RNW0058 Teacher Beth Bennett vs Ivy Rain Custom Pantyhose Wrestling & Trib

Beth Bennett and Ivy Rain clash in this storyline custom video featuring pantyhose wrestling and trib.

The fight scene begins with a sex fight and a battle of boobs. They slowly peel each other off their clothes in combat. Trib score is the same, no one can win. Beth uses her feet on Ivy to gain more influence during the battle. Sensitive points touching. Searching weak points. They continue to hegemony over each other, to the point of completely ending each other. Ivy seems to be gaining some points, but Beth tricks her into acting like she's out of energy and can't continue. While Ivy tries to stand up thinking she has won, Beth suddenly grabs her from behind very quickly and starts licking and stroking Ivy's breasts as she lies on the floor, using her feet for the last time and Ivy is completely exhausted by this move. Beth takes the last bit of her energy from her and lies down and laughs. Ivy says you can't win this. Beth says it's not over, she will definitely call her. For the rematch, Beth (laughs) Ivy (unhappy) Ivy: you didn't win either, so shut up. Beth says no, you shut up. Say to your step-brother hi from me. (Evil laughs). Beth AND Ivy put their boots, shoes, and clothes back on and look at each other for a while, then Beth smiles and says it's a tie for us

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