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Customs & Sponsorship

We are happy to produce custom videos for you.  These must be paid for in advance, and we deliver your custom via WeTransfer with seven days of the filming date.

Every custom is different and once we receive your script will provide a quotation for your custom.  Prices start at £250 for a simple 15 minute sexfight.

Sponsored forfeits

We are now offering sponsored forfeits for our sexfight.  You can't pick the rules or the winner, but you can pick a forfeit for the loser

Loser Gets Fucked - £200

Loser Gets Vibed (cannot guarantee squirting) - £100

Loser worships winner's feet or ass - £50

We also offer sponsorship deals for our international shoots for £500 you get

* Simple 30 minute custom

* 2 bonus matches of your choice

* Behind the scenes photos from the trip

* A short thank you message from your chosen sexfighter.

Check out our upcoming shoot information here to see who is available on our next shooting dates.

We do not film Mixed Content and other restrictions apply, use the form below to make your enquiry.

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