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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0157 Tamsin Riley Dominates Louise Lee - Custom

This is a specially produced custom featuring Tamsin Riley dominating undefeated Louise Lee.

At the start they both stare at each other. They place their hands on each other's shoulders. The intense grappling begins.Tamsin eventually pulls Louise to the ground.

There is some very fast wrestling action back and forth.Louise is strong but Tamsin holds off and eventually she gets behind Louise on the mats and wraps her legs around Louise's neck.After working Louise, Tamsin obtains the first submission.

They stand and regroup.

Both remove their leggings.

Tamsin black thong, Louise Red Thong.

They commence as per the previous fall.Eventually again Tamsin wrestles Louise to the ground. Back and forth Wrestling again with Louise trying to overcome Tamsin with her strength, but it is Tamsin pushing back and eventually gaining control.Tamsin slips her hand inside Louise's thong and really works her. She now has the control and then tweaks Louise's nipples.It is a quick suck of Louise's nipples before Tamsim

is lying on top of Louise and kissing her.She then pins Louise's arms to the mats, counts to ten and obtains the Submission.

They both stand again, and the next fall continues as previous. Tamsin gets behind Louise and firstly pulls her hair as it shakes loose and falls. She then has her hands well inside Louise's thong as she has immense control. Tamsin then removes Louise's thong. She then takes Louise down again.

Moving in, Tamsin is behind Louise again as she wraps her legs around Louise's neck again.

Then she sits on top of Louise and pushes her crotch deep into Louise's face.Take my scent lady Tamsin shouts as she really grinds into Louise's face.

Louise concedes the match and Tamsin is up on her feet as she orders Louise back to her feet also.

There is some intense kissing and Louise is made to suck on Tamsin's nipples.Then Tamsin removes her thong and points to her crotch.

Louise is soon enjoying some serious crotch licking of Tamsin.

Tamsin hands on hips is now trash talking to Louise. Respect and Worship your tormentor. Remember my scent you bitch.Tamsin also lets her hair down.

As the ceremony ends, Tamsin then puts on Louise's red thong. Mine all mine, a prize for my trophy cabinet.

To finish Tamzin circles around Louise showing off the Thong she has won.

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