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RAIN0162 Tag Team Turmoil Ivy Rain & Princess Nikki vs Jasmine Brooks & Nairobi

The Dream Tag Team of Ivy Rain and Princess Nikki are undefeated in Tag Team competition leaving a string of girls behind them sweaty, sore and spent on the mats. Today they face the team of Nairobi and debutante, Jasmine Brooks.

Jasmine starts against Nikki and is like a lamb to the slaughter not fully understanding what sexfighting is and gets herself in trouble and double teamed.

Things get a lot more difficult for the undefeated duo when Nairobi tags in and she has both Nikki and Ivy in big trouble.

The decision on the winning team is highly controversial, as the team that should have won have their victory taken away from them as one member of the team walked off the mat saying she had quit therefore conceding the match.

But isn’t the end of the Dream Team or is it Nairobi or Jasmine who came up short?

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