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  • Paul Rain

RAIN0202 Amirah Adara vs Ivy Rain Sexfight Rematch

My wife, Ivy Rain had completely underestimated petite Hungarian, Amirah Adara in their first sexfight, now my wife thinks she knows what to expect and will be able to beat undefeated Amirah.

Ivy’s strategy is to trap Amirah using scissorholds, weaken her and get her tongue on Amirah’s pussy as she knows that this is the Hungarian’s weakness.  However Amirah is relentless and has an insatiable appetite for Ivy’s pussy.

It isn’t long before Amirah has Ivy face down and ass up and gets two fingers into her wet pussy and goes to work causing Ivy to moan in ecstasy.  Ivy is determined not to be swarmed again and fights back and the sexfighting war is on.  They both get sweaty as they battle for sexual superiority using their tongues, fingers and pussy to drive their opponent to orgasm.

Eventually one proud sexfighter can take no more and is left a sweaty mess on the mat while the winner plants a foot on them and flexes in victory.

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