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Spring Newsletter 2024

It's been a very busy couple of months with us, but thought we would update you with the latest news from RAIN HQ.

Spanish Tournament

The Annual Spanish Sexfighting Tournament was a huge success.  The ladies all did an excellent job and we will be releasing the matches over July and August.  This has become one of the highlights of the calendar.  Huge thanks to those that supported this endeavour financially.  We couldn't do it without you, as an idea the food bill alone came to 3700 Euros!!!

May - Budapest

We are filming for the first in Budapest next month and alongside Ivy, Nikki and Bambi are being joined by Amy Douxx ( and Bonnie Dolce (  Both have done sexfights for other companies before so we are expecting great things.

We are also planning the next match in the ongoing rivalry between Nikki and Ivy and this will be a Loser Gets Fucked Match (anyone wishing to sponsor this match please let me know)

July - Manchester

We are doing a massive four day shoot in Manchester in July with a large number of ladies over the different days.  

Friday 19th July - April Paisley, Eva Ray, Ivy Rain plus Blonde Gabie ( and Kiki H (

Saturday 20th July - Alice Mayflower, Cheyenne Rose, Eva Ray, Ivy Rain & Jasmine Brooks

Sunday 21st July - Alice Mayflower, Ivy Rain, Sabrina Jade, Ruby Lix ( & Medina (

Monday 22nd July  - Beth Bennett, Ivy Rain & Medina

We've still got a few more ladies to add and will be able to accept VR customs on Friday 19th July.

September  - Spain

We return to Spain in September and are still working on the line-up but confirmed to be joining us is Alora Lux!  It's great to have Alora back in the fold as she always performs exceptionally well.

Other news

In other news we will be hosting a live nude female wrestling event in London on Friday 12th July.  Already confirmed are Alora Lux, Amber Fox, Ivy Rain and Rosie.  Once we have the full line-up we will announce all the details.

In less than two weeks we are filming a test of concept sexfight between two trans women.  This will be as far as I'm aware the first time that this has been done, and it will be interesting to see who it works out.

Upcoming Releases in May

The next few releases are scorchers

RAIN0194 - Alice Maze & Kirsty Stroud vs Epiphany Jones & Ivy Rain

RAIN0196 - Cheyenne Rose vs Princess Nikki

RAIN0197 - Epiphany Jones vs Ivy Rain Rematch

RAIN0198 - Alice Maze vs Kirsty Stroud

RAIN0199 - Bambi vs Ivy Rain Rematch

RAIN0200 - Revenge - featuring Bambi, Domi, Ivy and Nikki including female wrestling, sexfight, lesbian domination and strap on

RAIN0201 - Ivy Rain vs Princess Nikki Live with the winner fucking Shannon Moore with a Strap on 

It's going to be a blockbuster month

Always here to answer your queries

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